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Staying Safe in Your ATV Adventure

As the name suggests, the point of an All Terrain Vehicle is to take it off road, right? We all enjoy a little adventure, but that does not mean that you can ignore safety. Follow these ATV safety tips to keep your vacation fun.

Age Appropriate

Children under the age of 16 have neither the size nor the experience to properly operate an ATV. Even at the age of 16, teenagers are less likely to follow safety precautions, so adult supervision is recommended.

Safety Gear

Just like on a motorcycle, you should always wear protective gear when operating an ATV. Wear a DOT-approved helmet at all times. Goggles are a good idea too, to protect you from rocks, debris, bugs, and branches. Your boots should cover your ankles and wear non-slip gloves.

Get Trained

Take an ATV drivers safety course. You have to complete one to drive any other vehicle, and it is prudent to do so for an ATV as well.

No Passengers

ATVs are designed for one rider because you need to use your weight to control the vehicle. Extra weight will also destabilize the vehicle, increasing the risk of flipping over.

All Terrain?

Though it is called an All Terrain Vehicle, it is not meant for riding on roads. Keep it off road, but avoid areas where unstable ground could cause the ATV to roll over.

Obey Speed Limits

At high speeds, ATVs are less stable and you have less control, especially in certain terrains. Maintain your ATV at a safe speed.

Don't Drink and ATV

Whether under the influence of drugs or alcohol or over the counter medications, do not operate your ATV while impaired.

Check Your Comms

Always bring a walkie talkie with you, in case you lose cell phone coverage. In case of an emergency, you should always be able to communicate.

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