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Motorcycle Checklist Before Get out on the Road in Pewaukee

There are many elements involved in the maintenance of a motorcycle, some of them you can do them on your own while some other require the help of a specialist workshop. Go Synthetic Lubes has four basic tips to get your started on giving your bike a thorough check before you get out on the road.


If any of your lights aren't working - don't go out on the road. Not only do your lights alert drivers to your position, they also let other motorists know your driving indications.  If you get on your bike to notice a light isn't working, get a lift to your local store and sort it out before you ride.


There's one thing that keeps you in direct contact with the road - your tires, so make sure they're in good condition before you get going. If you find yourself changing riding conditions, be sure to alter your tire pressure to something more appropriate for each condition.


No matter how far you ride, you're gonna need to stop - so make sure your bike is ready. Take a few minutes to give your brake pads a check to make sure there's sufficient padding. If you're heading out on a trail ride and expect to be stopping and starting a lot, consider replacing your brakes if they're on their way out.


Check your manual to see what fluids your bike needs and the best way to check their levels. Keeping your fluids topped up is the simplest of tasks and has one of the greatest benefits.  If you notice that your oil seems a little old, consider a clean drain and replacement with a synthetic oil to help it stay protected as your ride.

Synthetic Oil in Pewaukee

Now that you've finished basic maintenance, give some thought to how you keep your engine protected as you ride. Speak with Go Synthetic Lubes on (262) 696-9506 and ask about how you can get the most out of your bike with a high quality Amsoil Oil in Pewaukee.

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