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Fishing season is here and everyone is packing the lakes for this year’s catch. Before making the trip, you should make sure that your boat is in prime condition. So many things can go wrong with a boat, and you do not want to be stuck, or stranded, or worse. These tips will keep your boat running so you can avoid unexpected delays and keep your adventure safe.

Change Oil Regularly

Oil should be changed every 100 hours of operation or at least once per year. Regular car oil is not sufficient because boat motors work much harder than an automobile’s. So be sure to use marine grade oil. In an earlier post, we discussed the benefits of using synthetic oils. These advantages hold especially true for the harsh conditions of boating.

Know Your Engine’s Sounds

Get to know and recognize every click and clang that your engine makes so that you can spot irregularities early. If your engine is making an unusual sound, have it checked by a professional immediately.

Remove Propeller Often

The propeller keeps your boat moving and needs to be kept clean, maintained, and lubricated. Take it off frequently, removing any fishing line that may have wound around the shaft. If you find any, have a mechanic examine the gear-case for any leaks. Make sure the propeller is not damaged. Even a slight impact can severely affect performance and will burn more fuel. Before replacing the propeller, heavily lubricate the propeller shaft with waterproof grease. And remember the order in which parts were removed so you can put them back in the correct order and replace the cotter pin if you have an outboard motor. Finally, tighten the propeller to the manufacturer’s specifications, and do this every time just before taking the boat out.      

Keep Your Boat Clean

There are cleaning supplies made specially to maintain a boat’s finish. Make sure to use these products. If you ever take your boat into salt water, you will need to thoroughly clean with fresh water to remove any salt residue that will erode your finish.

If you’re taking your boat to Lake Erling this year, be sure to let us know. Here at Go Synthetic Lubes, an AMSOILsynthetic oil dealer in Pewaukee, WI, we have all the lubricating supplies you will need. Visit our online store or give us a call at (262) 696-9506.

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