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Mid-Season Maintenance for Your Riding Lawn Mower

Previously we talked about caring for your fishing boat. Today we’re shifting topics with the shifting seasons. Autumn is right around the corner and that means a whole new list of yard maintenance, tasks, and chores. In addition to your normal landscaping duties, you will need to spend special attention to winterizing your lawn and clearing debris as it dies of with the fading sun. This is also a good time to think about mid-season maintenance on your yard care machinery. Here are a few tips from us at Go Synthetic Lubes in Pewaukee for maintaining your riding mower or small tractor heading into the fall months to keep it running strong.

Check All the Fluids

Although we recommend checking all the fluids of your machinery on a regular basis, you need to at minimum,check them mid-season. Check the cleanliness and levels of all the oils and lubricants, and add any where necessary. For most riding mowers, AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke 10W-30/SAE 30 Small Engine Oil is the perfect option. It is a durable product designed for machinery with frequent use and regular oil changes are difficult. Using AMSOIL synthetic 4-Stroke oil, you can worry less about the frequency of oil changes and rest assured your equipment won't be affected or damaged.

Clean Under-body

Sometimes it is difficult to clean the under parts of your riding mower properly because they are so big, and getting under them is not an easy task. If possible, try to get some tire stands from a friend or neighbor who loves cars, and borrow them for an afternoon. Use this opportunity to really clean out the hard to reach parts of your mower. We recommend taking the blade off and having it professionally sharpened while you are doing everything else. As always, be familiar with your product manual before you perform any major maintenance by yourself.

Air Filter and Exhaust

Just as with the fluids, we recommend cleaning your air filter on a regular basis. However, if you only use your mower occasionally, it's easy to forget. First, clean the entire mower as best possible with a power washer or high pressure air compressor. Then open the air filter and wash the filter thoroughly with a light dish soap (be sure to rinse ALL of the soap from the filter). Once the filter is dried, replace everything until the next time it needs cleaning!

Amsoil Oil in Chicago

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