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Oil, just like the engine and the wheels, is an essential part of your vehicle. It needs to be checked and changed often. There are many rumors flying around about motor oil, both synthetic and conventional. Most of those rumors are false. Go Synthetic Lubes brings you this following post to debunk some of those rumors. Go ahead and read on, perhaps you will find out something new.

Synthetic Oil Causes Leaks by Wearing Down Seals

There is no reason for synthetic oil to cause leaks if all the seals are in a good state. A leak might be there already and the synthetic oil happened to find it. The molecules in the synthetic oil, are much smaller and they might slip into cracks conventional oil can’t. You better check those existing leaks before they turn into a bigger problem.

Getting a Synthetic Oil Change Means You Don’t Have to Change the Filter Too

If you are getting fresh synthetic oil you shouldn’t risk the possibility of contaminating it with dirt and debris found in your old oil filter. You should change the filter every time you change the oil, to prevent dirt from re-entering the oil. Just to be safe, check your car’s or motorcycle’s owner’s manual for suggestions and recommendations.

If The Oil is Black It Needs to Be Changed

It’s usually said that oil should be changed once it’s black, but there are many reasons why it turns dark and age is not the only one. There are some oils that come with added additives, which are likely to make it change color. Oil is meant to turn dark, if it didn’t that would mean it wasn’t doing its job. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change intervals.

If You Get a Synthetic Oil Change You Are Stuck For Life

The oil you use needs to meet the viscosity and service requirements established in your owner’s manual, it doesn’t matter if it’s synthetic or conventional. Often time oils are mixed and sold that way. There is no reason why you can’t get a synthetic oil change and then switch back to conventional oil, or the other way around. Get an AMSOIL synthetic oil change and you won’t want to go back. Do you need new synthetic racing oil for your motorcycle or dirt bike? Go Synthetic Lubes has got you covered. You can find all your AMSOIL automotive needs with Go Synthetic Lubes. Call them at: (262) 746-2095 or purchase AMSOIL products online.

Racing Oil is The Way to Go

You must consider what you use your vehicle for, before deciding if synthetic racing oil is for you. Even if your car has a high-horsepower engine it’s much more likely that you don’t actually use it for racing. If you are not going to be raising the oil temperature high enough to burn off the contaminants, then your oil will need to be changed sooner. There is no point in getting synthetic racing oil if you are not going to be using it full throttle.

Thick Oil is Better

Perhaps this was true in the past, but know thick oils interfere with the oil flow. So if your engine is new stick too thinner oil with less viscosity.

DIY Oil Change Voids Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Doing the job of changing your oil at home will not make your warranty void. The important thing is that the oil meets the required standards. If those standards, established by the manufacturer on your owner’s manual, are met there is no reason for the warranty to be considered void.

You Need to Change the Oil Before a Long Trip

Though it would be beneficial for you to have your car serviced before a long drive, it is not necessary to get a synthetic oil change every time.  There is an established oil change interval that you should follow, if that interval doesn’t occur during the trip than there is no need for the oil change. If you do get the oil change, make sure you tighten the drain plug, you don’t want your car to be dripping oil on the road.

Synthetic Oil Doesn’t Need to Be Changed

This is untrue, synthetic oil change is necessary. Even though synthetic oil can have longer change intervals than conventional oil, it still needs to be changed. Synthetic oil wears out as well, and it will eventually become saturated with dirt particles just as conventional oil would. Be safe and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Interested in Getting a Synthetic Oil Change?

Whether it’s a synthetic racing oil change, you are looking for. Perhaps you’re interested in getting new oil for your motorcycle, dirt bikes, boat or car, Go Synthetic Lubes  has got them for you. Call them up at: (262) 746-2095 to know more about the wide array of products. You can also look for AMSOIL automotive products at their online store. Make the change to Go Synthetic Lubes get the benefits.    

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