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How You Can Extend Your Engine's Lifespan With a Synthetic Oil Change in Pewaukee

With the operating temperatures inside your engine as it runs leaning towards the hot or even extreme hot, many general and everyday motorists aren’t aware of the effects that the cold weather can have on your engine, it’s performance and also its lifespan. Whether you’re an everyday motorist who it just looking to get more lifespan out of their engine or you’re an enthusiast looking to get more power after a cold night, then keep reading. With extensive experience in providing motorists just like yourself with high-quality products to keep them going, Amsoil Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes has some advice on the effects cold weather can have on your engine, and how to prevent against it.

How Can Cold Weather Affect a Hot Engine?

When we talk to our customers about the effects of cold weather they are often confused about how cold weather could negatively affect an engine that they are told to keep as cool as possible with numerous high-quality additives and coolants. When we talk about cold weather effects on your engine, however, we are really talking about the cold weather effects on your engine’s oil, which in turn affects your engine.

What Happens When Your Engine Is Turned Off

It doesn’t matter if it’s overnight as the cold sets in or if you’re living in a cold climate and you simply turn your engine off anytime during the day, if you’re using an older or a conventional oil then your engine will feel the effects. As your engine is running, the lubrication inside your engine clings to each component to act as a barrier to prevent engine wear and damage during operation. However, with conventional oils, as temperatures drop it retracts from the small and intricate spaces inside your engine and starts to collect is larger spaces. While this can seem fine while your engine is turned off, it’s when you turn the key that the problems start to arise. Cold weather affects different types of engine lubricants in different ways. Whereas the cold weather can cause conventional oils to retract and leave your engine unprotected, one of the synthetic oil change benefits in Pewaukee is that  a high quality synthetic oil retains its comprehensive layer of protection, sticking to these intricate spaces, no matter how cold it gets. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes at (262) 746-2095 about how a synthetic oil change in Pewaukee can keep your engine lubrication where it needs to be - always.

When You Turn the Key

This is where the damage can really start to take place. As you turn the key, your engine immediately begins to operate, with the internals moving against and with each other getting ready for the drive. With the above-mentioned situation in place, the intricate parts of your engine that were once protected as your engine was running no longer have a barrier, leaving them to grind against each other, chipping away small pieces as your engine starts up. When you consider how often this action occurs, the damage that it can cause to your engine quickly becomes apparent.

What's the Damage?

If this was to happen once, your engine could pull up the next time fine. Twice, it might be okay - but as it happens each time you stop and then start your engine, these small pieces quickly become bigger and bigger, leading to heavy incidents of engine wear and engine damage. The immediate effects of this engine damage is a reduction in the lifespan of your engine as each part quickly deteriorates. If this wasn’t bad enough, the small pieces or shards that get chipped away have to go somewhere, and that somewhere is throughout your engine as they travel along with your engine oil, scraping against even more internal components leading to further engine wear and damage. Once they’ve finished their damaging journey they are of course caught by your oil filter, leading that itself to get clogged up and require more changes more frequently.

Reduce Engine Damage Caused by Cold Weather With a Synthetic Oil Change in Pewaukee

Protecting your engine against this type of damage and increasing the lifespan of your engine doesn’t require a mechanics degree, it just requires a phone call to somebody who knows what they’re talking about and the right product. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes at (262) 746-2095 and speak about the make and model of your car. With extensive experience helping motorists just like yourself, Amsoil Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes are the go-to people to help ensure you get the best synthetic oil change in Pewaukee.

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