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Dirt Bike Care

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and got yourself a dirt bike. Congratulations! You have countless hours of mud and fun to look forward to. Plus, if well-maintained, your dirt bike can become a long-term feature and keep on going for years. But, in order to ensure that all your bike’s valuable components last as long as possible, it’s essential that you carry out some routine maintenance. In this blog, the experts at your local AMSOIL Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes have put together a list of routine dirt bike maintenance tips to help get you started on your two-wheeled new toy.

Keep your Bike Clean

They’re not called dirt bikes for no reason, and every time you head out to the track you can expect to come home covered in mud and grime. Well, the same goes for your bike. Before you jump in the shower and get yourself washed up, it’s important to make sure that your bike is nice and clean. Mud and liquid can cause rusting and damage to many components of your bike, particularly the cables. This can be dangerous as it can cause the cables to stop functioning, risking a loss of control of important safety functions, like the brakes. Clean your bike thoroughly after every ride with a specially designed spray such as the ones offered at your local AMSOIL Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes. Call today at (262) 746-2095 to find out more about their great selection of products.

Check Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter stops your motor from being able to function properly. It reduces the amount of power that it is able to produce and decreases fuel efficiency. If left for too long, a dirty air filter can even lead to irreparable damage to your engine’s components. To keep your bike in great shape, you should regularly remove and check your air filter. Clean it out thoroughly with water, wait for it to dry, then soak it with specialist air filter oil before replacing it.

Check Your Chain and Sprocket

It’s absolutely essential that you never let your chain or sprocket dry out. If this happens, your chain could snap mid-ride, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. You should clean and lubricate these components after every ride. It’s also important to check that your chain is adjusted correctly. If it is too long, it will keep falling off, which is frustrating and can be dangerous. On the other hand, if it is too short, it could break, once again leaving you out on your own.

Check your Carburetor

The carburetor is one of the most expensive and most complex pieces of equipment on your dirt bike. It’s also one of the most prone to damage, so you really need to keep a regular eye on it. The carburetor is responsible for controlling the quantities of air and fuel that are pumped into the engine when the motor is turned on. An ideal ratio means optimal performance and maximum fuel efficiency. Either too much or too little fuel being pumped in at a time is bad news for your bike’s performance. You can check if your carburetor is functioning correctly by taking out the spark plugs and having a look. If you can see a black residue, you’re ‘running rich,' meaning too much fuel is being added to the circuit at a time. If the residue is white, the opposite is true - you’re running lean and not enough fuel is being entrained into the circuit to achieve optimal fuel efficiency. You can adjust your carburetor through a process known as ‘jetting.' It’s advisable to take your bike to a mechanic and have them show you how to do this before trying it yourself at home.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Pewaukee

Changing your motor oil is one of the most important pieces of routine maintenance that you can perform on your bike. The motor oil prevents overheating by reducing friction. It protects against rust and corrosion, keeps it clean and in perfect working order. You should check your oil after every ride, and top it up if necessary, or conduct a complete oil change. Because of the extremely high temperatures that your dirt bike engine can reach, it needs a specially-designed motor oil. Synthetic oils work better at a much wider range of temperatures than their traditional counterparts. Contact your local AMSOIL Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes today at (262) 746-2095 to find out how to purchase these products or to learn more information.

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