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How to Perform a Synthetic Oil Change in Waukesha

We all want to take the best possible care of our vehicles. Undertaking regular maintenance on your car helps to prolong the lifespan of its components and maximize its performance. However, all these trips to the mechanic can add up and start to do some serious damage to your wallet. With just a few simple pieces of equipment, a little time, and a lot of patience, you can learn to conduct common maintenance tasks at home, saving yourself hundreds of dollars a year. In this blog, your local AMSOIL Dealer – Go Synthetic Lubes have put together a great guide to help you perform one of the most common essential maintenance tasks – changing your motor oil.

How Do You Know It's Time for a Synthetic Oil Change?

Each vehicle comes with an owner’s manual. This should specify the frequency with which it recommends that you change your oil. You can also check the state of the engine oil to avoid unnecessary oil change. Find the dipstick and pull it out. Have a look at the oil to see if it is in good condition. Healthy motor oil is a golden color, translucent and quite runny. Over time it breaks down and becomes thicker, darker and opaque. If your engine oil looks like this, it’s time for a full oil change.

What Equipment Will You Need?

Before getting started, you will need some basic equipment – a jack to raise the front of the vehicle, and jack stands and wheel blocks to stabilize it. You will also need a wrench, a new oil filter, and new engine oil. To provide the best lubrication and rust protection to your engine, invest in a high-quality synthetic motor oil. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer – Go Synthetic Lubes today at (262) 746-2095 to find out more about the right product for your synthetic oil change.

Getting Started

First things first, you should turn your vehicle on and run the engine for a few minutes to allow it to heat up. This makes the old oil runnier and easier to remove. Next, park your car in a safe area on a level surface. Put wheels blocks on rear wheels for stability, raise the front of the vehicle using a jack and then stabilize using jack stands. It is critical that your car is stable in this position as you will need to access the underside to remove the old oil. Protect the floor with newspaper and have a container ready to collect waste oil.

Removing the Old Oil

Raise the hood of the car and look for the oil cap. You can find this on the upper side of the engine. Unscrew the cap and put to one side. Now it is time to get under the vehicle. Locate the drain plug by looking in your owner’s manual. When you remove this using a wrench, the oil should begin to flow out into the container. Once it has stopped, you can clean the plug and re-insert it.

Changing the Oil Filter

Locate and disconnect the used oil filter. You should be able to do this by hand, but if you are not able to, you can use a specialist wrench. It is advisable to wear gloves when performing this part of the maintenance, as the filter may still contain oil. Rub a little oil around the rim of the new filter, and screw it into place.

Adding New Oil to the Circuit

Now you can return to the area under the hood of your car. Add new oil via the oil port using a funnel. Your user manual should contain guidance about how much oil you should pour into the system at a time. Too much creates excess pressure on seals, whereas too little will not completely protect your engine. Re-start the engine for a few minutes to distribute the motor oil throughout the engine. After doing this, you may need to add a little more oil.

Save Time and Money with a Synthetic Oil Change

So, there it is! A quick and easy way to change engine oil at home and save yourself some big bucks. The best way to optimize your engine’s performance and durability is with a scientifically-developed synthetic motor oil. Contact your local AMSOIL Dealer – Go Synthetic Lubes today at (262) 746-2095 to find out more about the benefits of synthetic motor oils. Your local Amsoil Dealer – Go Synthetic Lubes is also the best place to purchase all of the necessary equipment for conducting an oil change.

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