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Summer Lawn Mower Maintenance

It's a given that most people would rather be at the beach than taking care of household chores, but you have to care of them at some point. Make sure your lawn stays nicely trim this summer by mowing it regularly and by keeping your lawn mower in great shape. How well you maintain your lawn mower can make a big difference in the appearance of your lawn. Go Synthetic Lubes in Chicago  has some tips to help keep your lawn mower working great.

Keep it Clean

The best way to ensure your lawn mower does a good job cutting your grass is by keeping it clean. After each use and once the mower has had a chance to cool off, make sure to wash away any grass and dirt build up on the body of the mower. Disconnect the spark plug and lay your lawn mower on its side to clean the undercarriage. Scrape away any built up debris that has accumulated over time. Put on some gloves and carefully remove the blade. Clean the blade well and check for rust. Maintain the blade sharp in order to give your grass the best cut. You can carefully sharpen it yourself or take it to a professional.

Change the Air Filter

Checking and changing your lawn mower's air filter is fast and easy. Check you owner's manual to locate the filter, pull it out and inspect it. If it has a lot of built up dirt and debris, it's time to replace it. Remember that a dirty air filter puts more strain on your mower and can cause it to  use more gas. A clean filter will help your cooling system work more efficiently in the summer heat.

Check the Oil and Fuel

It's a good idea to check the oil and fuel regularly. Your oil should be clean and not too dark. If you notice debris in your oil, it's time to drain it and replace it. Check the fuel regularly to make sure it's not overfilled or underfilled. It's a good idea to also inspect the fuel filter and make sure it's clean and letting the gas through the engine.

Synthetic Oil in Miami

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