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Top Reasons for Car Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is new or used, you could still suffer a car breakdown. This type of bad luck always seems to strike us at the worst time, such as on the way to an important meeting. It’s important to sign up for a roadside assistance service in case of emergencies, and there are also some precautions you can take to avoid a breakdown. In this article, your local Amsoil Dealer, Go Synthetic Lubes,  would like to share with you the most common reasons for car breakdowns, and how to avoid them.

Flat Battery

Flat batteries are far and away the most common reason for roadside assistance to be called out. If your battery is dead and you don’t have a good samaritan near you with a pair of jump leads, you’re going to be in for a long wait. To avoid battery mishaps, check it every two weeks with a voltmeter and charge it if necessary. If you notice that the charge is falling rapidly, it may be time to invest in a new battery.

Flat Tire or Tire Blowout

Getting a flat tire or a tire blowing out on the highway can be a terrifying experience. It makes a loud noise, and you can quickly begin to lose control of your vehicle. To avoid this from happening, make sure to check your tires regularly for bulges or damaged areas and make sure to maintain ideal tire pressures.

Engine Overheating

If your engine overheats, it will stop working, and you will lose power. Sometimes you can see warning signs such as steam coming out from underneath the hood of your car that let you know that your engine is beginning to struggle. If you see this, you should turn on the hot air blower and try to find a shady place to park ASAP before losing power completely. Keep your engine happy and functional by regularly checking the cooling system. Clean the radiator, look for any leaks that need fixing and keep coolant levels constantly topped-up. The type of engine oil you use can also affect you engine’s ability to deal with the heat. Call Go Synthetic Lubes today at (262) 746-2095 and speak about how a synthetic oil change, with the right product, can decrease the chance of your engine overheating.

Keys Locked in Vehicle or Lost

Another very common reason for calling out roadside assistance is locking your keys in the car! The fees that locksmiths charge to open your car door and retrieve your keys will vary, but it usually costs around $80 – 100 depending on the time of day and day of the week. Avoid this unnecessary expense by planning ahead and leaving spares with friends and family or always keeping a spare key with you in your purse or trouser pocket.

Running Out of Fuel

Seemingly very easy to avoid, this is a surprisingly common reason for calling roadside assistance. If your vehicle runs out of fuel, it will lose power and come to a halt. This can also damage your engine, so it’s crucial to ensure that you always have enough fuel to cover the distance that you are planning to cover. If you are traveling for long periods in deserted areas of the country without many gas stations, buy extra gas before setting off and store it in individual containers to use in case of a fuel emergency.

Engine Lubrication Failures

Your vehicle’s motor is made up of many small metal components packed into a tiny space. When their rough, metallic surfaces come into contact, this creates friction, heat, and damage. If excess friction creates too much heat in the engine, it can overheat and lose power. A good quality motor oil is essential to provide lubrication between these surfaces. This provides a protective barrier between the surfaces, reducing friction. Engine oil is so important that Toyota notes that failure to keep clean oil in your car can lead to engine failure. Engine oil also protects against rust by mopping up reactive particles. Engine oil degrades over time; you should make sure to change it at regular intervals so that it continues to provide essential lubrication and protection to your motor.

Help Protect Your Vehicle Against Common Engine Problems with a Synthetic Oil Change in Pewaukee

Synthetic oils offer so many benefits when compared to conventional oils – they perform better at a wider range of temperatures, provide superior protection against wear and last longer between changes. Call AMSOIL Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes today at (262) 746-2095 to get a high-quality engine oil for your next synthetic oil change.

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