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Tips to Finding the Right Used Car

Whether you’ve been putting it off for as long as you can while you get the most out of the car you currently drive, or you’ve been excited ever since you got your license to buy your very first car, Amsoil Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes is here with a post to help. With years of experience helping drivers keep their cars on the road for longer, Amsoil Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes has some information to share about finding the right used car. Unlike purchasing a new car, purchasing a used (or second hand) car comes with a little more research required. As you aren’t likely to get a manufacturer's warranty, completing the right research and asking the right questions could be the difference between a used car that you enjoy for years to come, and one that just keeps costing you more and more money.

Start With a Budget

This is going to be the single most defining point in your car buying process as it really determines the type and quality of the car you can buy. Our suggestion? Once you’ve set your budget, stick to it! You are always, and we mean always going to see appealing cars that are “just a little bit more” until it gets out of hand and you find yourself paying for a car that you really can’t afford.

Ask, Ask, Ask!

Speak with your friends and family about the types of cars they drive. Not just the ones they have now, but ask them to think about the types of car they first drove. Ask them what they liked about them, what they didn’t, what they would buy differently along with the very good question of “what did you think you would use it for, then realize you didn’t?”. Often times younger people will be tempted to buy cars to get their friends around town and for road-trips, however find that once they have their car, everything changes and they have a car not as suited to their purposes as they originally thought.


The importance and benefits of research can not be understated. Once you’ve completed all of the research into the exact type of car that you’re looking for, keep researching, instead changing your keywords to look for negative reviews and problems often seen with the car you’ve chosen. While all cars will have their quirks, certain makes and models are renowned for particular issues that can occur after a certain amount of mileage. When looking for any type of car, it’s important to know how well the car was taken care of and the type of products that have been used in it. If the car you’re looking to buy has only ever seen the use of a conventional oil engine lubricant then it’s likely the engine has seen more wear than it needs to. While this may or may not sway your decision, once in your possession, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes at (262) 746-2095 and get a full synthetic oil change near Waukesha to help keep your new purchase running for longer while keeping your ongoing maintenance costs down.

Get an Inspection

Not only is it a good idea to get any car you’re seriously looking to purchase inspected, but get it independently inspected. The mechanic on the car yard’s lot isn’t likely to give you an unbiased review, so take it to your own mechanic. If the dealer or seller isn’t comfortable with you having this inspection performed then it may be a sign that something is hiding under the hood that they don’t want you to find out.

Check Your Insurance

Alongside the cost of buying a car it’s likely that you’re going to want to get insurance, so check first. The monthly payments for your insurance are likely to vary greatly depending on the type of car you’re looking at, so best to avoid insurance shocks and do your research before.

Keep It on the Road for Longer With a Synthetic Oil Change Near Waukesha

Once you've got the keys to your new car in your hands it's your responsibility, so do your best to keep it performing well for longer. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes at (262) 746-2095 and ask about the right synthetic oil for your car. With the designed nature of a synthetic oil based engine lubricant, drivers can not only see an increase in their car's performance with a synthetic oil change near Waukesha, but an increase in their car's actual driving lifespan.

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