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How Often Should You Drive Your Car?

Some of us have a number of vehicles. There’s usually one car for day-to-day life that we use more for driving around town, doing chores, etc. Perhaps you also have a motorcycle for weekends out of town. And then there’s the all-terrain 4x4 vehicle that you really only use in the winter. Well, we all know that leaving any vehicle for long periods of time without exercising it can cause damage, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to take each vehicle out regularly. So, what are the consequences of leaving your vehicle parked for months on end? And, what is the minimum amount that we should be driving our cars? In today’s blog, the experts at your local AMSOIL Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes will attempt to answer these questions. First of all, what are the consequences of leaving your vehicle parked for long periods of time? Well, this has repercussions for many different systems and components in your vehicle. One big risk that comes from leaving your car stationary for too long is damage to your engine. The engine is made up of many different parts which are usually made of a metal such as aluminum or steel. Metals are strong and durable, but also vulnerable to a process known as ‘corrosion.' Corrosion occurs when reactive particles come into contact with the metal and cause a reaction to take place. This is usually a reaction with oxygen in the air, to create a metal-oxide. In the case of steel, this metal oxide is known as ‘rust’. When your engine is turned on and warmed up, engine oil is pumped around every part of it. One of the main functions of this oil is to absorb reactive particles and prevent corrosion. When the engine is turned off for long periods of time, the motor oil cannot reach all of the components, making corrosion likely to occur. The best way to protect your motor against corrosion is with scientifically developed, synthetic motor oil. These oils are specially designed to be able to absorb many more reactive particles than regular oils. This means that they protect your engine from corrosion better, and last longer between oil changes. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes today at (262) 746-2095 to find out more about the benefits of synthetic motor oil. Another obvious victim of the lack of exercise is your car’s battery. Whenever your car is in motion, the battery gains charge, but when it sits turned-off and idle, this charge gradually drains. If you leave your car parked for too long, you might even have to jump-start your battery to get it going again, or the battery may fail completely! On top of the consequences for the engine and battery, your car’s tires may also lose pressure over time, and the longer you leave your car stationary, the higher the risk of an infestation of rodents or other creatures. So, it’s clear that leaving your car stationary for too long is not a good idea! But, how often should you be taking it out? And for how long each time? Most manufacturers now recommend driving at least once every two weeks, to avoid getting a flat battery, a rusty engine, and flat tires. Simply turning your engine on and allowing it to warm up will go some way to protecting the engine by distributing engine oil. However, this will not help to charge the battery. To fully protect that battery, you need to actually cover some mileage. A round trip of 15 - 20 miles should be enough to get some charge built up, as well as waking up other components such as the brakes and power steering. Turn on the climate control or air conditioning system too, to make sure that nothing nasty is building up inside it.

Protect Your Engine with a Synthetic Oil Change in New Berlin

The best way to improve your car’s performance and longevity, whether you use it all day every day, or just take it out seasonally, is with a scientifically-developed motor oil. These provide superior lubrication and protection against overheating as well as the benefits that they offer with regard to protection from corrosion. If you want to reduce the frequency of your visits to the garage, give your engine the best treatment possible by investing in synthetic motor oil. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer - Go Synthetic Lubes today at (262) 746-2095 to find out more about the many benefits of synthetic motor oil.

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