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If you’re thinking of switching to a diesel engine, there are many benefits to doing so. There are some differences to keep in mind, however, to avoid major damages to your engine. Because diesels operate at much higher temperatures than gas engines, overheating can cause major damage. Here is what to do if you think your diesel will overheat. 

Don’t Restart!

If a gas engine overheats, you can turn her off, sit for a few minutes, and start her back up again. Diesel engines operate at much higher temperatures, so an overheated diesel engine can result in a warped head, melted pistons, scored cylinder walls, or cracked rings. Whatever you do, do not restart it. If you think your diesel is overheating, stop the engine immediately.

Don’t Panic!

First step is to not panic. There may be a number of reasons that your gauge is running hot. Use a hand-held temperature gun and check the cylinder head, the top and bottom of the radiator, and your dash gauge sensor. If the temperatures you are reading do not match with what you see on the dash, the problem is with your dash gauge sensor. If there are major discrepancies between the temperatures of your radiator and your engine, you may need a new thermostat or there may be air in the cooling system.  

Now Panic!

When you arrive at this stage of troubleshooting, you may be dealing with nothing or you may be dealing with something severe. Check for coolant loss. If you are losing coolant, or if it is boiling over, then do a cooling system pressure test. You may have a blown head gasket, a cracked head, or a plugged radiator. At this point, leave it to a professional and hope for the best.

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