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Everybody makes mistakes. However, if you're a motorcycle rider, there are a few you absolutely shouldn't make if you want to remain safe. Learn what they are in this post.

Mistakes Bike Owners Should Avoid

Having a motorcycle can be incredibly exciting. Nonetheless, that excitement can quickly turn into horror if you're in an accident or get in trouble because you weren't a careful rider. That's why you should avoid certain mistakes at all costs if you want to remain safe. To find out what these are, continue reading below.

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Disregarding the Owner's Manual

If you've ridden a motorcycle before, you probably think you've already learned everything there is to know about this type of vehicle. Still, you could be wrong! That's why you should make it a point to read your owner's manual and follow its instructions to a T. After all, that's where you'll find specific information regarding your bike that could keep you safe.

Refusing to Go to Lessons

Riding a motorcycle can be difficult and dangerous, which is why it is a good idea to enroll in bike lessons before you head out into the busy streets. Nonetheless, there are people who think they can learn on their own. Refusing to go may mean that you won't know how to react in a difficult situation, so enroll to ensure you'll have the right skillset for smoother rides.

Driving Without a License or Permit

Much like you need a license or permit to drive a car, you need one too to ride your motorcycle. A valid motorcycle license can keep you from having to pay a fine, getting your bike confiscated, or spending a night in jail. Err on the side of caution and get licensed so you can cruise around legally.

Neglecting Your Bike's Maintenance

Now that you're a motorcycle owner, you need to be responsible for the vehicle's maintenance. Neglecting to do so can put your safety in peril and may shorten your bike's life expectancy significantly. Harley-Davidson, the leading motorcycle brand, has created this maintenance checklist. Follow it to keep your motorcycle in perfect shape for years to come.

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Not Doing a Quick Inspection Before Riding

Even if you do a good job at keeping up with your motorcycle's maintenance, you're still advised to do quick inspection rounds before each time you ride. Testing the brakes, lights, tires, and other key components of the vehicle will reassure you of your bike's proper functioning and will help you keep your rides safe, smooth, and fun.

Not Wearing Protective Gear

Even thinking about not wearing your protective gear is bad enough, let alone skipping it altogether. This is because, when you ride a bike, there's nothing covering your body, which means that in an accident, you could get seriously hurt, or worse, you could die. Stay safe and always wear your helmet, as well as appropriate footwear and clothing when you ride.

Riding Around Carelessly

Races, stuns, sharp turns, and other motorcycle tricks may seem like a lot of fun, but they can be incredibly dangerous for you and the people around you. Don't make the mistake of thinking nothing will happen to you, because it might. Ride around cautiously so you can increase your chances of making it back in one piece after each ride.

Disregarding Traffic Rules

Speaking of being a careless motorcycle driver, running a red light, taking more people than allowed on your bike, going over the speed limit, and generally disregarding traffic rules can also be troublesome. At best, doing so can put you in trouble with the authorities. At worst, it could end up with you having a fatal accident on the road.

Ignoring Your Surroundings

Finally, to be a safe motorcycle rider, you need to pay close attention to your surroundings. This means that you need to consider the road (and any obstructions in it - like puddles and loose dirt), the weather conditions, and the drivers, people, and objects around you. This state of awareness will allow you to make better decisions depending on the situations you encounter.

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